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A New York photography blog, an expression of my love for NYC. I try to put a credit with every photo. If you want to edit/change credits or have me remove one of the photos on this blog, just message me.

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aime-moi-encore-deactivated2013 Your pictures are AWESOME ! I went to NYC 3 weeks ago. I dream again and again with your photos.. A french people xx

:-) Don’t we all dream about new york?

SOHO - NYC. Shot on an iphone 4S.
More on my tumblr and flickr
Times Square - NYC. Through an iphone fisheye lens.
More on my tumblr and flickr
blue-my-mind-deactivated2013010 do you know any bloggers who live in new york? i'm mopving there in a moth, and it would be nice to speak with someone who lives there, since i dont know anyone there! x

I don’t know any bloggers who live in NYC, so here’s a call for all blogging new yorkers: leave stylinium a message!


Shake shack state of mind (Taken with Instagram)

born to be alive


Disfruta de la vida by Emmanuel Rosario on Flickr.

South Bronx, 1983
Thomas Hoepker

Manhattan skyline and the East River in 1906.

The Midtown Manhattan skyline seen from a Queens cemetery
New York City, 1983
Thomas Hoepker

this shall be my home
housecat4 do you have any photos of rainy new york? one that would be big enough to use as a desktop wallpaper?

Not at the moment.. so I’m publishing this post in the hope that someone has that picture. If anyone has a picture of rainy new york, please submit it to the blog! :-)